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Where Can You Buy Target Gift Cards Besides Target

A Target GiftCard comes in a few different forms, including physical gift cards and eGiftCards. These gift cards are prepaid with a set amount of money and allow shoppers to redeem this amount for goods and services in Target stores, on, as well as in places like Target Optical, the Target Pharmacy, or even at Starbucks locations inside of Target stores.

where can you buy target gift cards besides target

Most stores that sell gift cards place them close to their checkout counters. At places like Safeway and Kroger, you will typically find a rack of gift cards near the checkout counter that you can easily add to your transaction even at the last minute.

Gift cards make shopping for even the pickiest people super easy. To purchase a Target GiftCard of any type, you can check out stores like Safeway, Kroger, and Staples or you can purchase gift cards online through PayPal,, or

Some people are notoriously difficult to shop for. No matter what you buy for them, you can be sure that it will be discarded or returned to the store. Fortunately, Target gift cards provide the perfect solution to this common problem. They allow you to present your loved ones with something that they will value and use.

Target stores sell a wide range of gift cards in different denominations and brands. It boasts a large number of stores scattered throughout the United States. Picking up a Gift Card at a Target store is a quick and easy process. You can also find them on the Target website and their app.

When you order an eGift card online, it will be sent to you by email within four hours. If you prefer to have a physical product, it will be delivered to you in around five to seven days. You can also purchase a Mobile Target Gift Card, and it will be sent via text message within four hours. Several third-party retailers also offer gift cards on their websites.

You can head on over to the Target website to take your pick from a wide range of gift cards. You simply need to place the item of your choice in your shopping cart and head on over to the checkout. There are lots of different types to choose from, and you can add a personalized message.

Target gift cards can be purchased in Target stores and on There are also third-party retailers that sell Target gift cards in-store and online, including eBay, Kroger, Safeway, and more. For more information on where to buy Target gift cards, see below.

Target gift cards can be purchased at any Target store during checkout or online at In general, you can buy Target gift cards in denominations between $5 and $1,000. Target gift cards can be reloaded at any Target store, and you can check your balance anytime online. (See our list for more reloadable gift cards.) No activation is required to use a Target gift card, a corporate customer service representative said.

Target distributes Target gift cards at over 10,000 locations in the U.S. in stores such as Kroger, Lowes, Meijer, Pick N Save, Rite Aid, Safeway, Staples, Walgreens, and Wawa. Third-party retailers like Amazon and eBay also sell Target gift cards online.

You can use Target gift cards in-store during checkout as the first type of tender before other payment methods are charged. Note that these must have scannable barcodes in order to be redeemed at a Target store.

Target GiftCards are solely for use at Target stores and on Target GiftCards cannot be used to purchase any prepaid or specialty gift cards. If someone claims that you should pay them in Target GiftCards, please report it at

If someone is asking you about where you can buy target gift card or which stores carry them, please feel free to refer them to one of these locations. Some of them only have online or offline options; some of them have both, so choose wisely to meet your needs.

Target gift cards are available at or at Target stores. Target gift cards can be purchased in any denomination between $5 and $1,000. Target gift cards are reloadable at all Target stores. You can also check your balance online anytime. You can also see our full list of reloadable gift card options. A corporate customer service representative stated that Target gift cards can be used without activation.

Target sells Target gift cards in over 10,000 U.S. locations, including Kroger, Lowes and Meijer as well as Walgreens, Walgreens and Safeway. Third-party retailers like Amazon and eBay also sell Target gift cards online.

Target gift cards may be ordered online and delivered via or the Target app. An eGift card is typically delivered via email within one business day. A text message gift card, on the other hand, is usually delivered in five minutes depending on your location.

Target eGift cards are sent electronically in approximately 4 hours. Physical Target gift cards take 5-7 days to arrive by mail. Mobile Target Gift Cards can be sent text messages usually within four hours.

Target offers Target gift cards at more than 10,000 U.S. retail locations such as Krogers Lowes Meijers Pick N Save Walgreens Walgreens Walgreens Walgreens Walgreens. Target gift cards can also be sold online by third-party sellers like Amazon or eBay. does not currently sell Target Gift Card in-store. Customers can instead buy Visa Gift cards at Walmart that can be used to purchase Target gift cards. Target Gift Card purchases can also be made at Walgreens Kroger, Rite Aid and Walgreens.

As of 2022, Walgreens has been selling Target gift cards in their stores in denominations of $25 to $50 and $100. There are also open-ended cards in the range of $15 to $500. Target gift card availability varies between stores and they are not online.

To know more, you can also see our posts on Target gift card return policy, if you can combine Target gift cards, if Target sells Sephora gift cards, and where can you buy Target gift cards besides Target.

Why we like it: For the first time, Target is one of the 5% categories for the first quarter of 2023, making this an excellent choice to maximize earnings on your Target purchases. And even when it's not one of the 5% quarterly categories, you can usually buy Target gift cards from a store in the bonus category, such as grocery or office supply stores, and maximize your Target spending that way.

Scammers favor gift cards because they are easy for people to find and buy, and they have fewer protections for buyers compared to some other payment options. Scammers can get quick cash, the transaction is largely irreversible, and they can remain anonymous.

Scammers also tell people where to buy the gift cards. In the first nine months of 2021, people who reported losing money buying gift cards mentioned Target stores more than other retailers. Reports suggest that Walmart, Best Buy, CVS, and Walgreens stores are also popular with scammers.

5 From January 2021 through September 2021, 12,239 people reported losing $35.5 million to business impersonators using gift cards, and 7,844 people reported losing $39.6 million to government impersonators using gift cards. Excluding reports that did not indicate a contact method, a phone call was the method of contact in 37% of reports indicating gift cards as the method of payment, followed by email (18%) and social media (16%).

Gift cards can also be stolen very effectively, because they don't leave behind a trail. By transferring funds from a stolen credit card onto a gift card, criminals buy themselves time to shop at their leisure.

\"Gift cards extend the life of a credit card,\" says NRF's LaRocca. \"When you buy a $1,000 American Express gift card, the purchases you make on it are not linked to you. Before someone makes the connection you now have weeks to use it.\"

Chick-fil-A gift cards are available for purchase in any amount between $5 and $100 at most Chick-fil-A restaurant locations. Find your nearest restaurant by clicking here. Visit our Gift Card pages to learn more.

You can also purchase Chick-fil-A gift cards at many of the places you shop every day, like grocery stores, pharmacies and other large retailers. Note that most Chick-fil-A Express and licensed Chick-fil-A locations such as music venues, baseball stadiums, airports or universities do not sell gift cards and only a few redeem gift cards.

Please note that Chick-fil-A is not affiliated with any websites buying or selling Chick-fil-A gift cards at a discounted price. The sale of Chick-fil-A gift cards online by third party websites (other than websites operated by approved retailers) is prohibited, and cards purchased through non-approved online third-party sellers may not be honored by Chick-fil-A restaurants.

There are many ways to save by shopping on In addition to coupon stacking, look for Clearance items, weekly special ads sent to your phone, and specials like $10 gift cards with purchase and free shipping with minimum spend. Access the website through and enjoy extra savings.

It's still difficult to navigate the best ways to safely shop for groceries. If you have the means, grocery delivery services are still quite popular, and you have options besides Instacart(Opens in a new tab) and Amazon Fresh(Opens in a new tab). Shipt, the same-day delivery partner of Target (as well as several other supermarket and drugstore chains), offers plenty of options, and a special offer for a free gift card(Opens in a new tab) is enough reason to consider them as your source for instant Bagel Bites delivery. 041b061a72


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