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How to Install Google Play on Allwinner Devices

How to Install Google Play on Allwinner Devices

Allwinner is a Chinese company that produces various chips and devices based on Android operating system. Some of these devices may not come with Google Play pre-installed, which limits the access to millions of apps and games. However, there is a way to install Google Play on Allwinner devices using a tool called Xposed and a custom ROM.

Xposed is a framework that allows you to modify the system and apps without touching any APKs. It works by hooking into the Android runtime and applying changes on the fly. You can use Xposed to install modules that add features, fix bugs, or customize the appearance of your device. One of these modules is Google Apps Installer, which can install Google Play and other Google services on any device.



To use Xposed, you need to have root access on your device. Rooting is the process of gaining full control over your device's software and hardware. It allows you to modify system files, install custom ROMs, backup and restore data, and more. However, rooting also voids your warranty and may cause instability or security issues if done incorrectly. Therefore, you should only root your device if you know what you are doing and are willing to take the risks.

Before you root your device, you need to find out which Allwinner chip it uses. There are different models of Allwinner chips, such as A10, A13, A20, A31, A33, A64, H6, etc. Each model has its own specifications and compatibility with different ROMs and tools. You can check your device's chip model by using an app like CPU-Z or by looking at the hardware ID in the settings.

Once you know your device's chip model, you need to find a compatible custom ROM for it. A custom ROM is a modified version of Android that may offer better performance, stability, features, or customization than the stock ROM. However, not all custom ROMs are compatible with all devices or chips. You need to find a custom ROM that is specifically made for your device or chip model.

You can search for custom ROMs on websites like XDA Developers, Needrom, Romzj, etc. You can also use tools like Rom Finder or Rom Manager to find and download custom ROMs directly on your device. Make sure to read the description and reviews of the custom ROM before downloading it. You should also backup your data before flashing any custom ROM.

To flash a custom ROM, you need to have a custom recovery installed on your device. A custom recovery is a software that allows you to perform advanced operations on your device, such as flashing ROMs, wiping data, restoring backups, etc. The most popular custom recovery is TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project), which supports most Allwinner devices.

You can install TWRP on your device using tools like Flashify or Rashr. You can also use PC tools like PhoenixSuit or LiveSuit to flash TWRP via USB cable. Make sure to download the correct version of TWRP for your device or chip model.

After installing TWRP, you can boot into it by holding the power and volume buttons while turning on your device. You should see a menu with options like Install, Wipe, Backup, Restore, etc. To flash a custom ROM, you need to select Install and choose the ROM file from your storage. You may also need to flash other files like Gapps (Google Apps) or SuperSU (root manager) depending on the ROM.

After flashing the ROM and other files, you need to wipe cache and dalvik cache from the Wipe menu. This will prevent any errors or conflicts between the old and new system files. Then you can reboot your device and enjoy the new ROM.

To install Google Play on your new ROM, you need to download and install Xposed Installer from its official website: You can also use tools like Xposed Installer Pro or Xposed Installer Material Design to download and install Xposed more easily.

After installing Xposed Installer, you need to open it and grant root access. Then you need to go to Framework and tap Install/Update. This will install Xposed Framework on your device and ask you to reboot.

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