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Buy Clogs Online

These shoes are very comfortable and fun to wear. A perfect fit! I get so many compliments on them everywhere I go! I love them so much that ordered a second pair in black patent. Way to go on the craftsmanship and comfort! YES! Sexy clogs!

buy clogs online

I had never heard of this site before when trying to find these specific clogs. But glad I landed here. These shoes are spot on - no mars, or issues, not a knockoff. The high quality of the brand is evident, and the price was even better. If I didn't have an overflow of shoes right now, I would buy almost every pair on the site since the prices are just right. Company shipped quickly with no issues, and I was wearing these within the week. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking. Love my new Sanosan clogs

I love my new clogs. I got the Matahari print which is not something that I would normally choose. But it is so interesting. I see something different every time I look at the design. And the shoes are so comfortable. I wasn't sure if I could go for a long walk in these clogs, but they are so comfortable. I'm very happy with these shoes.

I have worn clogs for well over 40 years now, but this is the first wide pair I have ever owned. they are not significantly wider so as to be sloppy on the feet when walking, but just enough wider that really no break in period was necessary, comfie from first minute of wearing them! I can even wear socks with them and my feet aren't scrunched in the shoe. Its simply wonderful walking for my wider feet.also loved the tooled leather, they look great on!

while i've been wearing clogs for many years this is the first time I've worn bjork. i love them. very comfortable, really good workmanship and not overpriced.will definitely get more of this brand. they also fit very similarly to dansko.

Purchased these clogs to wear around the house and they are so comfortable and they can be worn outside as well which is an added benefit. They are not a "slipper" but still comfortable enough to be worn as such and keep your feet warm and supported. 10/10.

Great that you are interested in wooden shoes. You may, like us, be enthusiastic about Dutch shoes. Wooden shoes are a great product. Our wooden shoes are traditional clogs often made by hand from wood in the Netherlands. Dutch clogs are very nice and comfortable for yourself and also a unique gift idea. In our store you can buy all kind of wooden products!

Clogs have many advantages. They are comfortable, protective, keep the feet dry and warm and clogs are also healthy for the feet. Another advantage is that you can easily take them on and off. Additionally, clogs are also essential when walking in a muddy environment.

Over the centuries, clogs have been designed to be used for various purposes. Think of the traditional farm wooden shoe, the gardeners clog, a wooden shoe for fishing, even a skate clog, the special wooden clog for the Sunday, and beautifully carved and painted bride clogs. There is even a Dutch clog for horses. In addition to protecting the feet, clogs also tell a lot about the creator and about who is wearing them. Clogs speak their own language.

The Netherlands is famous for making and carving wooden shoes. These exist for many years. The first Dutch clog is dated from the year 1230. Since that time the shoes have hardly changed. Most clog makers exist during generations. Traditionally, every clogmaker has its own design. In our webshop you can make a wide choice of traditional clogs but also souvenir clogs.

When ordering clogs there are a few things you need to know. Clogs should not be tight. If the foot is in it, there must be space between the heel and the back of the shoe. This space must be a thumb width. Please read our page about size calculation and the size chart before ordering a few clogs. We advise you to wear thick socks in our wooden shoes.

While clogs made of microfibre or suede are wonderful in the warm summer months when worn without socks, the model with a natural shearling lining keeps your feet warm and cosy throughout winter. The strap with a lining on the underside is extra cosy and adds stylish flair on cold days. The cork footbed is thermo-insulating and also has excellent cushioning properties.

If you want to add a contemporary twist to your collection, clogs are the best. Clog shoes are used and loved by millions worldwide. These shoes are made of a variety of materials. Traditionally, clogs were made of wood and used to protect the feet while farming. The modern variety comes in various materials. Clogs shoes are one of the most prominent shoes available. They are ideal for rainy seasons. These shoes are worn for dance. It is as an important accessory as it makes a unique sound when the shoe hits the floor. Clogs shoes ensure seamless comfort throughout the day. These shoes feature a unique appearance and are the perfect choice for your everyday use. Clubbing a pair of clogs to your outfit renders a fashionable touch to its overall appearance. You can wear these clogs shoes when you head out for a quick jog or a walk. These shoes offer an absolute ease and effortless style to your attire.

Who said clogs are just for casual attires. Brands like Red Bravo offers formal clogs shoes as well. If you want to look different from the rest in a wedding, you can wear ethnic clogs from the brand Royal. The colors are bright and fashionable. For a party look, try One Up clogs. The sleek design will steal hearts of many. Clogs are also available for riding and sports. The options are endless.

Men clogs are an ideal choice for your everyday use. The shoes can be teamed up with your casual and formal outfits alike. When you go for a jog or a walk in the morning, wear your clothes and a pair of lace-up canvas clogs shoes for acquiring utmost comfort. Color block INURE clogs are best for such situations. NDX Lite is another choice that you have. It goes well with the theme pop. The shoes come with an open design that allows maximum air circulation to your legs and keep you comfortable.

Clogs shoes are the perfect choice for you to wear in the winter. Although the material is soft, clogs shoes are slip-resistant that gives a firm grip whenever you walk on a slippery road. The brand Crocs sell clogs made of nonporous material. The material provides an anti-bacterial feature to prevent your legs from getting affected. Do Bhai clogs are also ideal for the monsoons. Shoetopia is another good option that you can choose. Clogs shoes can be donned with any of your casual outfits to complete the ensemble. These shoes can be worn when you wear a denim jacket or any dress; you can club them with clogs shoes for a trendy appeal to it. Spruce up your footwear collection with clogs shoes for a dashing outfit. Clogs online are affordable and are available in various designs and colors. 041b061a72


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