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Fight Back - Gym Motivation [HD]

For those willing to be bold, now is the perfect time to transform your member offering and future-proof your business. Here are 8 key plays to fight back against Big Tech and give your club the edge.

Fight Back - Gym Motivation [HD]

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The pandemic has brought great progress in the range of options for people to stay active at home, but motivation remains the key to regular exercise and this is the very reason clubs exist in the first place. Gym members are on average 14 times more active than non-members because live workouts in a buzzing club provide the ultimate inspirational fitness experience and the numbers bear this out.

Across clubs that have made strong recoveries and are standing firm in the face of digital competitors, dialing up the social experience has been key to re-engaging members and delivering the results that keep them coming back.

They learned how to fight for their child in school, and how to push for health care their child needs. But also, how to read a state budget, how to talk to a state lawmaker and how to testify before the school board or city council.

Rehabilitating a torn ACL is strenuous, both physically and mentally. It takes resolve to make it back and compete at one of the highest levels of football once again. So Ronnie dug his feet in, put his head down and persisted.

Over the summer, Ronnie was still working his way back to football activities. Physically, he was well, but it took time before defenders were allowed to tackle him and before he could go 100% in drills. Each time he made progress, he felt more and more like a football player. The biggest turning point for Ronnie, though, was an incomplete pass.

Most of those calories were in the form of sweet and salty snacks, which are abundant at holiday parties. Simply getting enough sleep can set you up for successfully fighting back against mindless eating.

You may feel like giving up and going back to the way things were before and falling back into old habits. However, if you're dedicated to losing weight, there are some things that you can do in order to break through this plateau and continue making progress towards your goal.

A weight-loss plateau is when you're stuck at a certain weight and it's impossible to lose the pounds. Weight loss plateaus are frustrating, but they're also common. You can't just give up when you hit a plateau; it is simply an obstacle in your journey and there are many different ways that you can fight back against it!

The truth is that life can be hard and sometimes we just need a break from our fitness routine. But if you want to reach your goal weight, then it's important to keep your motivation up and move forward with a plan for how you're going to get back on the horse.

There are many different ways that people fight against weight loss plateaus. Some of these include changing up their diet or adding in some extra workouts at home or at the gym. If none of those work, then you may want to consider a different workout type (take a break from resistance training and start doing more cardiorespiratory training).

Be patient and persistent in your weight loss journey! Weight loss plateaus are often temporary setbacks, and if you keep working hard on a regular basis then you will continue to see progress over time.

We understand how frustrating it is to be stuck on a weight-loss plateau and not know what you can do about it. Our certified personal trainers are waiting for your call to help break through the plateaus holding you back from achieving your goals.

I was first introduced to the Fitness 19 community back in 2018. As a member I was always fond of the atmosphere in the gym and it felt like a great place to be a part of. When I was offered a position in 2020 I was excited to be presented with an opportunity to further my fitness journey. As I step into this new role as the Club Manager in Mira Loma, I aim to create a positive environment for every guest to elevate themselves physically and mentally, while also providing a service to ensure that every member will feel taken care of.

As a team member of Fitness 19 for over a decade and now Club Manager, I first started as a Personal Trainer where I learned the challenges and obstacles that one has to face to reach their fitness goals. With a passion of helping others live a better quality of life and a broad athletic background I lead my team to ensure they provide the same level of service and satisfaction that I provided all of my clients. My team and I will do everything within our abilities to be a resource and guide you throughout your fitness journey. I look forward to seeing you at our location!

Hello, my name is Drew Paniagua and I have been with Fitness 19 for four years. I started off as a lead service specialist, then became a trainer hybrid, transferred to a full time personal trainer and now a Club Manager. I started my fitness journey when I was 12 years old and haven't looked back. I am a Certified Nutritionist as well as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. I have experience in powerlifting, athletic training and bodybuilding. Fitness 19 has allowed me to work with many different clients and has enabled me to change lives. My motto is: \"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself\". So come on down and let's start creating the body and life that you desire! 041b061a72


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