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Toys For 3 Year Old Girls

LeapFrog is the gift for toddlers that keeps on giving. Plug this into a TV for an easy, kid-friendly gaming console, and your 3-year-old can hone in on her number, shape, letter and color skills through its electronic games. It's also super easy to travel with! Ages 3+

toys for 3 year old girls

This stuffed animal is a revamped version of the original one from the '90s. It comes with three washable markers (the bear itself is machine washable) so your 3-year-old girl can draw fun shapes and designs. If you download the Doodle Bear Studio app on your kid's tablet, they can snap a picture and watch their bear come to life with stickers and a voice recording. You can also get more markers and stencils to go with it. Ages 3+

Dive hands first into this beach sensory bin complete with soft-molding sand and cool water beads, plus toys to bury and scoopers to dig them out again. Plus, it stores conveniently inside its lidded bin. Our Lab experts found a favorite in this sensory toy and loved that it came with a ton of accessories for fine motor skill practice for their toddlers. We recommend playing outside or over a covered area! Ages 3+

This set can give your daughter a headstart in cognitive function, including coordination, critical thinking, and reasoning. However, as with all magnetic toys, we recommend you keep a close eye on children while they play to ensure none of the magnets escape the tiles and end up in a mouth.

This pack includes beans, squishies, a rainbow magic ball, a speed cube, a maze, a fidget controller, a mesh marble trap, stress balls, and a whole lot more. These toys are healthy for all kids but especially work wonders in children with ADHD, anxiety, or autism.

Beads are the equivalent of diamonds to little girls. Here we have a jewelry-making set that is colorful, catchy, and easy to craft. It adds a new level to arts and crafts and can really give your little one a creativity (and confidence) boost.

Any 3-year-old girl will think this is the best gift ever! These adorable unicorn robots teach your child a host of developmental skills. And since there are two in this set, your girl will also learn the value of sharing with friends or siblings.

You might be hesitant to give your little girl a cleaning set, but trust me; this toy will be a hit. Three-year-olds love playing pretend, and your girl will enjoy cleaning up, copying you, or working alongside you with her very own cleaning set.

As screentime has become such a focus for children, parents also appreciate toys and activities that keep their children active, such as beach toys, sports and climbing equipment, water tables, and more. These toys, games, and activities will help children stay healthy and keep their brains active (2).

Children are creative geniuses (3). Finding toys, crafts, and kids that enhance their innate ability to design and create will further develop these skills and benefit their overall health and development (4).

We look for gifts made with the best high-quality materials. Wood toys can last for decades if cared for properly. So can many outdoor toys and sports equipment items. Plastics should be free of BPA and solid enough to withstand some rough handling.

Like I mentioned before, keeping my girls active is really important to me. After they first saw the Monkey Balance Board the cute monkey had them absolutely captivated. The challenge of trying to stand completely horizontal without tipping either way was enough to keep them entertained for hours. Did I mention that the monkey is seriously the cutest thing?

These sensory toys for 3-year-olds will help you teach your little ones about different shapes, textures, colors, among other important senses. Hopefully, you and yours enjoy these toys as much as we did. Which toy do you like the most from this list? Are there any that you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

At 3-years-old, your little girl is entering a wonderful phase of imaginative play. Toy kitchens provide an excellent way for her to lose herself in role play whilst providing a rich kinesthetic learning experience.

This magical unicorn toy is BIG. Big enough to be the centerpiece in any girls room, and to become a life-size playmate in fantasy fairytale role play. Melissa & Doug are known for quality toys and this is no exception. The unicorn (check price on Amazon) is sturdy and easily stands on its own legs. Shimmering, sparkling details help to create its undeniable wow factor.

Three-year-olds are full of wonder. They spend a lot of time observing, listening, watching and imitating. They begin to spend longer periods of time focused on one activity and start to approach puzzles and problems in increasingly creative and logical ways. And through it all, their oral language is bursting with new words, longer sentences and growing conversations.

As 3-year-old kids get ready for preschool, they need plenty of stimulation at home to exercise their mind and body. Many 3-year-olds enjoy listening to stories and rhymes; some even like to follow along or tell their own stories with a picture book. Their developing motor skills allow them to play with more sophisticated toys such as foam puzzles, blocks and clay, as well as draw recognizable shapes with crayons and markers. Children at this age can benefit from educational toys that challenge them intellectually.

Interaction is the name of the game at this age group. Your child can start to take on toys with smaller parts and more involved activities that work on both cognitive skills and those fine motor skills.

Stacking robots are getting on the larger end of travel toys, but so much fun for the 3-year old group (and I bet a few grown-ups will join in!) The box is quite large but they do easily fit into a bag when you take them out of the packing, and pieces are large enough tots will enjoy playing with them as individual toys as well as for stacking games.

The moon and the stars are fascinating, and explaining space to a three year old can seem like an impossible task. Use the My First Telescope to get a closer look at the moon or the stars and fuel their natural curiosity at the world around them.

This is the perfect introduction to coding for three year olds as it shows them the basics while keeping it simple. All they need to do is rearrange the pieces of the caterpillar to change its path so they can tell it where to go based on the sequence of the pieces.

Paw Patrol is a hit with many 3 year olds so this will make a perfect gift. Use the 19 various pieces inside this Magformers kit to build 12 different Paw Patrol vehicles; the character cards will finish off those builds brilliantly, whether you want Chase or Marshall to be in the drivers seat.

LEGO DUPLO kits make great toys for 3 year old boys because the pieces are a lot chunkier than the classic bricks, making them easier to build with. This set allows you to build a petting zoo full of gentle giants from the movie Jurassic World, including two baby dinosaurs and a minifigure.

Struggling to find that perfect gift for 3 year old girls? All your struggles have been answered by this incredibly helpful (if we may say so) list, which includes adorable makeup sets, snuggly plushies, awesome ride-ons and SO much more.

I truly think that 3 is such a fun age for little girls. They are starting to use their imagination with play and learning to share with others. I know my little one lives in a world of princess and pretend play.

I love when little girls dress up and play like they are a princess. My little girl loves to wear princess dresses and she wears them every time we go to Disney. Another fun thing with pretend play is tea sets, play kitchens and anything to do with housework. Kids like to replicate what they see adults doing.

Some educational toys can be a little pricey but if you get the right ones they are worth spending a little money on them. Some of my kids favorite items in this list are the aqua magic mat, and the wooden alphabet puzzle.

I love toys that get my kids outside. My kids love to ride bikes or scooter. A good gift for a 3 year old would be a trike or a balance bike. My kids also like to play with sidewalk chalk and bubbles. This will keep them busy for hours.

A horse stable is a perfect toy for a 3 year old. Your child can use their imagination to play with and take care of the horses and line them up in the stable. This compactable set is perfect to travel with or even take it to the park. It also gives name tags to name their own horses. How adorable is that!

Magnetic Blocks are one of my absolute favorite toys for 3 year olds. I love them because not only do they entertain the little ones for quite a while, all my kids enjoy playing with them. Even I find myself sitting down with my little one for a long time playing with these magnetic blocks. They are a ton of fun. In addition, it is a great way to teach your little one about shapes and colors.

I remember having this as a kid but a very basic version of course! This fun fishing game is a family favorite keeping everyone busy and spending quality time with your child. This is an exciting way for your 3 year old to learn numbers and colors.

Open-ended toys will help a preschooler learn to imagine, create, and think. These toys help them learn to navigate the world, to act out social situations, problem solve, explore, learn, and develop.

Having a small, battery free, plastic kitchen outside as a dedicated mud kitchen is one of the best ideas I had for my kids. They (and the 8-10 year old neighbor kids) make mud pies and all sorts of other imaginary treats in their kitchen.

We love everything about Melissa & Doug, which is why you see many of their toys on our buying guides for toddlers. Their toys withstand the destructiveness of toddlers and help them develop through imagination.

I made an exception for this brand because their stickers are easy to remove after they are applied. Your little one can use these stickers over and over, which makes them the perfect travel toy for 3-year-olds. 041b061a72


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