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To manage Configuration Manager, you use a Configuration Manager console that connects to an instance of the SMS Provider. By default, an SMS Provider installs on the site server when you install a central administration site (CAS) or primary site.

site 2 sms

The SMS Admins security group provides access to the SMS Provider. Configuration Manager automatically creates this group on the site server, and on each computer where you install an instance of the SMS Provider. For more information, see SMS Admins.

Configuration Manager administrative users use an SMS Provider to access information that's stored in the database. To do so, admins can use the Configuration Manager console, Resource Explorer, tools, and custom scripts. The SMS Provider doesn't interact with Configuration Manager clients. When a Configuration Manager console connects to a site, it queries WMI on the site server to locate an instance of the SMS Provider to use.

The SMS Provider also provides API interoperability access over HTTPS, called the administration service. This REST API can be used in place of a custom web service to access information from the site. For more information, see What is the administration service?.

Starting in version 2107, the SMS Provider requires .NET version 4.6.2, and version 4.8 is recommended. In version 2103 and earlier, this role requires .NET 4.5 or later. For more information, Site and site system prerequisites.

Every SMS Provider attempts to install the administration service, which requires a certificate. This service has a dependency on IIS to bind that certificate to HTTPS port 443. If you enable Enhanced HTTP, then the site binds that certificate using IIS APIs. If your site uses PKI, you need to manually bind a PKI certificate in IIS on the SMS Provider. Unless the server already has a PKI-based certificate, the site automatically uses the site's self-signed certificate.

After you install a site, you can run Configuration Manager setup on the site server again. Use setup to change the location of an existing SMS Provider, or to install more SMS Providers at that site. Install only one SMS Provider on a computer. A computer can't host an SMS Provider from more than one site.

You can specify the minimum authentication level for administrators to access Configuration Manager sites. This feature enforces administrators to sign in to Windows with the required level before they can access Configuration Manager. It applies to all components that access the SMS Provider. For example, the Configuration Manager console, SDK methods, and Windows PowerShell cmdlets.

When you select this setting, the SMS Provider and administration service require the user's authentication token to contain a multi-factor authentication (MFA) claim from Windows Hello for Business. In other words, a user of the console, SDK, PowerShell, or administration service has to authenticate to Windows with their Windows Hello for Business PIN or biometric. Otherwise the site rejects the user's action.

Configuration Manager stores objects that it creates by using support for multiple languages. It stores the object in the site database by using the languages that you configure for the site when you run setup. The Configuration Manager console displays these objects in the display language of the requesting computer, when that language is available for the object. If the console can't display the object in the display language of the requesting computer, it displays the object in the default language, which is English.

When you install multiple SMS Providers at a site, and a connection request is made, the site randomly assigns each new connection request to use an installed SMS Provider. You can't specify the SMS Provider to use with a specific connection session.

When you first connect a Configuration Manager console to a site, the connection queries WMI on the site server. This query identifies an instance of the SMS Provider that the console uses. This specific instance of the SMS Provider remains in use by the console until the session ends. If the session ends because the SMS Provider server is unavailable on the network, when you reconnect the console to the site, it repeats the initial query. It's possible the site assigns the same SMS Provider instance that's not available. If this behavior occurs, attempt to reconnect the console until the site returns an available SMS Provider.

The SMS Provider provides API interoperability access over an HTTPS OData connection, called the administration service. This REST API can be used in place of a custom web service to access information from the site.

The site is secure. The https:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely.

Methods: This was a multi-site randomized clinical trial in a convenience sample of 202 caregivers of healthy term infants 0-2 months participating in the WIC program in Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Participants were randomized to receive SMS about infant's general health issues (control) or SMS for improving feeding practices (intervention) for four months. Weight, length and infant feeding practices were assessed at baseline and four months later.

Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Contact the vendor for additional information.

Let's say a user wants to verify their phone number with a website. The website sends a text message to the user over SMS and the user enters the OTP from the message to verify the ownership of the phone number.

E-commerce businesses always look for new and innovative ways to increase sales and grow their business. SMS marketing is one of the most overlooked methods for eCommerce businesses. SMS marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers and drive traffic to your site. You can use this marketing strategy to promote special offers, send reminders about upcoming sales, or simply remind customers about your brand.

Use SMS marketing to send promotional messages to your customers. This can include special offers, coupons, or even reminders about upcoming sales. Promotional SMS marketing is a great way to increase traffic to your site and boost sales.

SMS marketing is an effective way to reach out to customers and drive traffic to your site. When used correctly, it can be a powerful and effective tool to connect to your target audience and promote and grow your eCommerce business.

I've read the document -time-passwords/ I've attempted to follow the instructions, but I can't get past this one: 'When you see a QR code for 1Password to scan, continue with the next steps.' I've never seen a QR code generated in this process. I've followed the previous instructions, and I never see an option to generate a QR code for the sites that I have tried. I also haven't seen a QR code when working with the 2-factor authentication on any site that I use. I probably misunderstand the relationship between one-time-passwords, 2-factor authentication, and the six-digit codes that I have been entering to confirm my identity on sites where I use 2-factor authentication. The QR code piece of the puzzle is a complete mystery to me, since I have yet to see that option.

I'm not even sure that I am on the right track for trying to use 1Password with 2-factor authentication. I have 2-factor authentication set up for Apple, Google, Facebook, and at least half a dozen other sites. For all of them, I am using SMS (text messages) to my iPhone, to receive the confirmation codes. I would prefer to use a more secure system than SMS, and to use 1Password, if possible. I've tried to install Authy, but got stuck in setting up my account with them, and got no useful help from their tech support.

It sounds like you have not completed this first section, since you have two-factor authentication enabled via SMS for these websites. You will have to go to the account settings for these websites, disable SMS authentication, and enable an authenticator app. At this point, the website will show you your QR code, which you can then use to configure 1Password as your authenticator.

Nominations for the CK Prahalad Award for Scholarly Impact on Practice, the SMS Educational Impact Award, the SMS Emerging Scholar Award, and the SMS Service Award are open! The award recipients will be recognized on the SMS website and at the SMS Annual Conference. Award nominations will be accepted until April 15. Visit the link below to learn more about each award and the nomination requirements.

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FMCSA maintains several websites that provide easy access to valuable safety-related information. Users only need a company's name, USDOT number or Motor Carrier (MC) Number to perform a search. Read the descriptions below to decide what you need.

DataQs allows you to request and track a review of Federal and State data issued by FMCSA that you feel may be incomplete or incorrect. The system automatically forwards your Request for Data Review (RDR) to the appropriate office for resolution and collects updates and responses for current Requests. NOTE: The sites requires registration for access to data.

06.10.2019 Cyber Actors Exploit 'Secure' Websites in Phishing CampaignsCyber criminals are conducting phishing schemes to acquire sensitive logins or other information by luring victims to a malicious website that looks secure. 041b061a72


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