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The Potion Room !LINK! Download [v0.50] (Latest Versio...

Note: A rare bug has been reported about the Sad Ghost, which in a few cases does not spawn at all. Players should have in mind that the Sad Ghost might seem not to spawn, because it is "trapped" inside a hidden room or area, which the hero hasn't discovered yet (the same can also happen with the quest mini-bosses). In the case of it being "trapped" in a hidden area, players can solve this by drinking a potion of Mind Vision next to a ladder, for the hero to sense all characters in two depths by changing depth immediately (the ghost can spawn only on depths 2, 3, 4, so two potions are needed to check all possibilities). Nevertheless, in a very few cases even with a potion of Mind Vision the ghost will not be found anywhere in the sewers.

The Potion Room Download [v0.50] (Latest Versio...

The skeletal remains in the pit room always contain a Scroll of Teleportation, a Seed of Fadeleaf, and an Ankh. Other items like weapons, armors, rings, scrolls, potions, food, gold, and artifacts can be also found in the pile. A Red Wraith may spawn from the skeletal remains. If the hero doesn't have a battle wand or access to Invisibility in one form or another (to become invisible, wait for the Red Wraith to move away from the bones tile, pick up all the items and teleport away), he/she should better leave the Pit Room for later, as Red Wraiths have very high evasion against all weapon attacks and can even dodge surprise attacks of the invisible hero (they always get hit by battle wands though). Heroes with a highy upgraded Ring of Accuracy or a Spork can hit Wraiths in melee range though. An alternative for heroes without a battle wand or access to invisibility, ring of accuracy etc. is to stand on the tile of the remains before searching them, as it will instantly destroy any Red Wraith that would possibly spawn. This method will cost half of the hero's max HP though, and considering the fact that he/she will have just lost 1/3 to 1/2 of their max HP, it should not be attempted before the hero regains at least half of their max HP points +1. When a Red Wraith spawns, most probably one or more of the items found in the skeletal remains will be cursed.

Systems- added vanity for makeup application in Bedroom- when exhibitionism goes up, the character will sit on the vanity to apply makeup- makeup has min and max values based on exhibitionism- added bimbo/sluttiness score to popularity popup- bimbo & sluttiness scores added to sexappeal calculation- added compulsion events that make the character run back to the bedroom if your mind and visual representation are too far apart from each other (exhibitionismclothes, iqbimbo score, libidosluttiness score- added arousal tipping point (>50) above which the character should get more aroused by being in the same room as the other contestants if they have been transformed at least once before- added spontaneous orgasms if arousal > 75, which will lead to being attacked by Erica if it happens outside your Bedroom- changed longer hair to be behind character instead of in front- one potion/syringe per tf at vending machine (you can only use one potion per day, but as many syringes as you want): GROW+ for body up, DUM+ for iq down, SKIN+ for exhibitionism up, SKIN- for exhibitionism down, GROW- for body down, DUM- for iq up, RISE+ for height up, RISE- for height down, ELONG+ for hairlength up, ELONG- for hairlength down, rash lotion, HEAT+ for libido up, HEAT- for libido down, FEM+ for femininity up, FEM- for femininity down, GIRTH+ for penis growth, GIRTH- for penis shrink- new character art for Abigail in Living Room- new tf choices when attacking Abigail, that will be represented in her Living Room art 041b061a72


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