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Musitek Smartscore X Pro Crack

SmartScore X2 Pro has a built-in import feature that allows you to import all standard formats like:

Musitek Smartscore X Pro Crack

  • AIFF (Apple iPad), AIFC (Apple iPhone), MP3 (music CD), WAV (16 Bit/44.1kHz), or WMA (Windows Media Audio)

  • MIDI (.mid), RRF (.rra)

  • Percussion (.nhp)

  • NTSC (.nsf)

  • SmartScore X2 Pro also includes an Export function that can be used to convert your musical scores into other formats like the following: MusicXML (.mxs)

  • MIDI (.midi)

  • Standard MIDI (.smi)

  • XMI (.xmi)

  • PPF (.ppf)

  • Score (.score)

  • MusicXML (.xml)

  • PDF (.pdf)

  • MIDI (.mid)

Quickly edit MIDI or ANSI information with full MIDI Editor functionality. With SmartScore X2 Pro you get a complete music notation program including a MIDI Editor. SmartScore X2 Pro also helps you compose with MIDI Editor. You can use the included free Notation layout to compose your music directly into. MIDI Editor can be used for MIDI mappings, editing automation, editing performances, recording MIDI performances, and so much more.

For SmartScore X2 Pro, we were inspired by Apple's new Smartplay technology. Currently, we are also offering a full music-scoring related set of features. We have made so many enhancements and additional features that SmartScore X2 Pro is offering the most complete and easy-to-use music-scanning and music-scoring application with the highest performance. You can download SmartScore X2 Pro for free .

SmartScore X2 Pro comes with an original and very user friendly Notation layout. The Notation layout is designed to easily edit and use for a simple and clean way to compose and score your music.


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