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The Nanny All Seasons Torrent

I don't think there's a plugin for Deluge, but flexget is an RSS torrent downloader that is very easy to configure, extremely flexible and has tight integration to Deluge. I use flexget+Deluge and it works fine.

The Nanny All Seasons Torrent

Deluge has an RSS plugin called YaRSS2. Vuze can handle RSS, too, but it's written in java and so it doesn't integrate well with GNOME. The slightly beefier Miro can, as well, but it either has a bug or plays nanny about what torrents you can download. If you want to use Transmission, there's an insanely complicated-looking setup described here on Ubuntu Forums

I prefer rtorrent + rtgui, a web GUI for rtorrent. If you do this, make sure to manually install the latest libtorrent and rtorrent (which needs to configured --with-xmlrpc-c). These directions are basically what you need to do, but make sure you use the latest and greatest versions of everything.

Of all the stand-up-inspired sitcoms, ABC's Grace Under Fire may have the best chance for survival. Brett Butler, a big-boned, Alabama-born comic, plays a divorced mother raising three kids while holding down a job at the local oil refinery. Once again, the stand-up material is too easy to spot. Discussing her abusive ex-husband, Grace unloads a torrent of put-downs: "His idea of foreplay was waking me up . . . He moved his lips while reading stop signs." But Butler projects easygoing authenticity, and the program has a good grip on the dogged drama of single motherhood.

When I used The Pirate Bay, I was able to find pretty much any movie, TV show, video game, and app I wanted, no matter how popular or unknown it was. However, not all torrents have a big number of seeders, so you might have to sometimes settle for slower downloads.

Nyaa (also known just as Nyaa Torrents) is a great torrent site for East Asian media. I really like how you can find tons of popular anime shows and movies with audio and subtitles in multiple languages. You can also find tons of East Asian manga, video games, and live-action movies. also has a very sleek interface (it almost reminds me of streaming sites like Netflix). And I especially like that, if I hover over a torrent, it conveniently tells me what genre the movie is and what IMDb rating it has. Also, you can stream most movies on without needing to download them, which saves space on your device and time downloading them.

LimeTorrents comes with a massive torrent library, so you can find tons of popular movies, TV shows, video games, apps, and more. Most torrents have a large number of seeders (especially trending torrents), but I also came across some torrents that barely had any seeders (so downloading small files took hours or days).

I also recommend using a good torrenting VPN to secure your P2P traffic. My top pick is ExpressVPN because it has excellent P2P support, high-end security features (including Threat Manager, which can block shady sites), and very fast download speeds.

A torrent client (like Vuze, Deluge, uTorrent, and qBittorrent) is an app you install on your device, which you use to download torrents. The torrent client is responsible for reading the metadata in the torrent files and connecting you to users who are uploading the file so that you can download it from them.

The man known formally as Steve Rogers left a torrent of torment behind when he left his soulmates. For those he left behind all struggle to pick up the pieces. To carry on like they knew he would want them to.

Edward VII reigned for nine years and three months, between 1901 and 1910, a period that saw "a colossal torrent of political, social, economic and cultural change", as the curators of this ambitious, wide-ranging and absorbing exhibition at the Yale Center for British Art point out. It is a triumph of Edwardian Opulence that it masters the achievements and contradictions of the age, for its character, tenor and distinctiveness have proven chimerical and elusive. With consummate curatorial skill, the exhibition brings us into the Edwardian world and the forces that shaped it, quickly dispelling "the long afternoon" view of the epoch, a lost domain of tranquillity between the Boer War and the cataclysm of 1914-18. 350c69d7ab


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