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Buying Trekking Gear In Kathmandu WORK

What does this mean for trekkers? It's perfectly reasonable to buy non-essential items that won't affect the outcome of your trip. T-shirts, shorts, sandals, sunglasses, and similar items are generally okay to purchase. You are taking a much greater risk by buying trekking or camping equipment that requires specific performance. Items to be avoided include hiking boots, cold weather clothing, sleeping bags, tents, and water purification (for cheap gear options see the "Renting Authentic Equipment" section below).

buying trekking gear in kathmandu


Every trekker has a dream of trekking in Nepal, and almost every one of them has come across the thought of buying or renting trekking equipment in Kathmandu. Just before they head to the mountain from Kathmandu, there is less chance that they haven't visited or stayed in Thamel. Thamel is the backpacker's paradise and boasts shops selling equipment and gear for trekking and mountaineering. Luckily, many of them rent everything from down sleeping bags to trekking poles, thermal sets, and water bottles.

Thamel is a one-stop hub for trekkers who wants to buy anything for mountain adventures. Thamel boasts small shops and branded stores selling everything for trekkers and climbers. While buying trekking equipment in Kathmandu or Thamel, you are left with two options; either buy quality products at a high price or go with average quality, or counterfeit products but at a reasonable price. It's your call!

When buying trekking or mountaineering equipment in Kathmandu, ensure that you double-check the quality and the brand. The solid reason for this is that some of the outlets sell counterfeit items under the guise of brands. Those products are made from the lowest quality materials, possibly with fake logos. But the good part is it is cheaper, a lot cheaper. We also call them knock-off products. And for most trekkers, it is perfectly reasonable to buy those products; it will save them a lot of money.

However, there are legitimate shops in Thamel and Durbarmarg that sell branded gear, equipment, and clothes. Buying quality gear and equipment that last longer- is always better for those who often go trekking. Imagine the frustration and anxiety you have to face due to low-quality products you bought in an attempt to save some penny; imagine that the boots wore out in the middle of nowhere in the trekking trail; imagine the impediment to your trekking success. That is why it is always better to buy quality products that last a lifetime.

Like we said earlier, renting trekking equipment is a great deal for budget travelers. It saves you a lot of money; you can rent stuff for as low as 1 dollar per day. You can rent sleeping bags, hiking boots, a down jacket, and many more in lieu of buying it. If you don't want to pack more, rent it. If you miss something, rent it. And if you want to save some money, rent it.

Renting gear and equipment is good for two reasons: one, it saves money, and second, you need not fret about packing all the stuff. This has been a great deal for many trekkers, especially those who are budget travelers. You can rent trekking gear in Thamel for as low as 1 dollar per day. We can guess your jaw dropped in astonishment. For someone who hates to buy expensive trekking gear but loves the idea of hiring, the small shops in Thamel welcome you.

Some trekkers do not wish to purchase a lot of trekking stuff. We can assume that the best deal for them would be to hire those stuff in Kathmandu. Maybe you want to hire a sleeping bag, duvet/down jacket, or trekking poles for some days. Although you will be renting equipment in Thamel, it is wise to bring your own hiking boot and basic clothes. That said, it is recommended that you buy boots, thick hiking socks, light fleece, and all the basic comfortable things at home. And in Kathmandu, you can go for sleeping bags, down jackets, and maybe trekking poles. Out of 10 trekkers, 5 trekkers admit that they did a mistake buying all the stuff in their countries.

By now, you are clear about renting and buying trekking equipment and gear in Thamel. Most trekkers would suggest bringing hiking boots and basic clothes from home. And the rest of the stuff-whatever you need for your trek- can be bought in Thamel at a reasonable price. There are many shops concentrated in Thamel where you can buy and rent gear and equipment at a reasonable price.

Thamel street and surroundings gather a plethora of shops offering a large variation of equipment and gear for hiking and trekking, for all tastes and wallets. From luxury brands to used equipment and buy back. A sort of trekkers shopping paradise!

Of course, your needs in terms of trekking gear will depend on how your expedition will be organized, if you will be camping overnight or use teahouses, if you will have a guide or not. As general idea, trekkers in Nepal need more or less the same equipment like in any other part of the world plus some specialized items. Once in Kathmandu you need to know exactly what you want to buy and if possible, from where.

Knock-off trekking gear is flourishing in Kathmandu. However, identifying the differences in quality are not exactly easy to detect. Most of the merchandise is of Chinese or local origin, and you have to check carefully the zippers, stitching strength, dimensions, etc. Anyway, for a fraction of the price you would pay in your home country you can buy here good quality items.

If you can find stores that sell trekking gear literally everywhere, the story is not the same with the rental stores. They are most often not on the main road, they are hidden on small streets behind.

Kathmandu shopping for trekking gear offers lots of options, it all depends on your preferences, on your plans and the budget you want to spend. But no matter what you choose Kathmandu will have at least a meaningful proposal. Relax and enjoy, you are here to see the marvels of Himalayas and taste the local flavors.

Thanks a lot for sharing this article! I am visiting Kathmandu next month and will be trekking in Nepal so I am looking at whether I should buy some of the gear needed in Kathmandu or back home before I arrive, this information is really helpful.

Kathmandu is a mecca for knock-off brand-name trekking gear, where the difference in quality is often hard to tell. Many items are made using the same sewing machines in Chinese factories that are used for brand-name products. Still, you're going to notice small differences in quality: the stitching won't be as strong, the fit may feel slightly off or tight in places, and the zipper is more liable to break (look for YKK zippers). However, for a fraction of the price, you can't really go wrong.

Everyone who is going to Nepal knows that in Kathmandu you can buy equipment very cheap. But not everyone knows how much it costs. And not everyone knows that not all equipment is worth buying in Kathmandu. The answers to most questions about trekking equipment in Nepal, we will give in this article.

All our treks in Nepal begin in the capital city of Kathmandu. And every time we and our participants buy all the equipment they need for successful trekking. So we know the prices of gear in Kathmandu very well. Prices are from spring 2018 and are current as of early 2020:

Thamel, the best place for buying hiking gears in Kathmandu, is home to a profusion of stores selling a wide range of hiking gears to suit all preferences and budgets. From expensive brands to old equipment and buybacks, you have it all.

We recommend that you focus on branded trekking gears while planning for high-altitude treks like Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, and so on. Local items can be as durable and functional for altitudes less than 5000m.

Branded outdoor gear manufacturers like Mountain Hardware and The North Face have developed a footprint in Kathmandu due to the overwhelming demands. The greatest advantage of a branded retailer over the local one is its widespread awareness and high recognition. Likewise, branded gear most of the time goes through a product testing procedure, making them more durable. Moreover, buying from branded retailers comes with a guarantee, which supposedly gives you peace of mind for a set amount of time if anything really bad happens.

Those who undertake trekking regularly should always invest in high-quality trekking gears that will last a lifetime. It is best to buy crucial trekking gears like down jackets, hiking boots, and so on from branded retailers to get the best years of usage out of them.

In Kathmandu, counterfeit hiking equipment is thriving. Most people prefer buying hiking gears in Kathmandu from local retailers. Detecting the changes in the quality of branded and local retailers is not always straightforward. The majority of the products are of Chinese or local origin, and you must carefully inspect the buckles, sewing quality, measurements, and so on. In any case, you may get high-quality things for a fraction of the amount you would spend in your native nation or branded retailers.

Well, some of you might be traveling to Nepal without any backpack and burden. In that case, you need to buy a jacket, sleeping bags, and so on after you arrive in Nepal. These items are essential throughout the journey and without them, the success rate is too low. So, we always recommend you invest in branded items when it comes to buying hiking shoes, camping tent, sleeping bag, and down jacket. The branded outdoor gears are pricey but they are worth it. The following are the starting price of the most essential trekking gears having branded quality:

Remember renting from a reputable store ensures that the equipment is well-maintained and washed after each usage. Although you may hire equipment at Thamel, it is advised that you purchase boots, thick hiking socks, basic clothing, and other essential comfort items at home. In Kathmandu, you may rent camping gears, down jackets, sleeping bags, and so on. Additionally, most of the trekkers feel like they made a mistake by buying everything in their nations as it only increases the load. Below are a few stores that are best for renting trekking gears in Thamel: 041b061a72


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