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Uta No Prince Sama Happy Love Song 1 12

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Uta No Prince Sama Happy Love Song 1 12

The girls enter and they too start the piano theme. They play it once, then the girls sing their song Junketsu no Violin. The girls then play a new song with Haruka and the girls singing. wata is so kawaii it hurts All of the girls then change outfits. Haruka is still not into any of the boys and gets depressed. Ruri's now dressed up sexy while the rest are in more cute outfits. yay wata Then Ruri says shes down. they just have to get a girl to like them.

Ruri says about her love that they couldnt fit into this world because its more important to be able to love yourself than to be able to love someone. She then says that she loves this world. it's kinda cute but kinda sad.

Tadokoro: I believe both Billy and Yakumo are featuring in the upcoming movie. No one really gets any attention so Im sure their onscreen time will increase. I think I like the cel animation best, it looks cartoony but not really cheap. I also love that the animation is the same for the title song, opening, and ending in a way so the visuals are an essential part of the drama. The story is pretty boring at first but the character designs grow on you. Oh and nice use of one of Kousuke again lol.

Kusumi: So what's up with the modern animation styles From the preview it seems that with this series they are going for a 2.5D anime style yet this looks more like a traditional cel. It's not bad but when I read the text the story felt all too familiar to classic anime. And yes they did reuse a few of the city backgrounds, ala The Prince of Tennis. But I love those characters, and Im glad they stay true to their own designs and personalities from the anime. 3d9ccd7d82


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